Create an outdoor eco-oasis this fall

While you may be missing those hot summer days, we assure you that fall is the best time for outdoor entertaining. There’s no sweating, dodging mosquitos, or bug infestations — just a beautiful array of warm colored leaves and crisp air. Take advantage of the beautiful scenery by transforming your backyard into an outdoor eco-oasis. Whether you are hosting a dinner party or simply enjoying a good book, here are our tips for how you can make the most out of fall’s harvest weather.

Create a lovely autumn centerpiece with a rustic ladder.

Decorate each step with autumn flowers that withstand the rain, pumpkins, herbs, and 100% organic, non-GMO soy wax candles. Try adding a pot of Autumn Sage to the fixture. This evergreen shrub blooms from late summer through fall.

Add a bit of earthy romance with a well-equipped fire pit.

When designing your fire pit, make sure it is not near any low-hanging trees, placed on a non-combustible surface, and is fed by natural gas. As for topping materials, use eco-glass, lava rock or treated river stones. Use logs made from renewable resources, such as recycled sawdust, used coffee beans, and soy, as they release up to 80 percent fewer emissions than regular wood when burned.

Get cozy on an outdoor daybed.

Snuggling up with blankets, surrounded by warm colored foliage and candles, is enough to make fall your favorite season. When choosing eco-friendly outdoor furniture, look for durable woods like western red cedar, northern white cedar, and teak that are FSC-certified and come from sustainably managed forests, as well as recycled stainless steel.

Decorate your space with red, orange and yellow accents.

Add fall-hued pillows, cushions, blankets, and candles. For a little extra pop of red, the American Holly tree is perfect for adding to the natural scenery.

Accentuate your table with an autumn centerpiece.

Use a pumpkin as a vase for a mélange of fall hued flowers and twigs. To add a little character to the twigs, you can attach cotton to the tops using a tight weave, and embroider a few parts of the twig with metallic colored string. Surround the pumpkin with orange pepper berry garland.

Relax to the trickling sound of water with a sustainable water fountain.

With a growing selection of energy-saving and solar-powered equipment, it’s never been easier to build your own personal water garden.

Lastly, use an outdoor bar for more than wine and cocktails.

Add a bowl of apples, fall inspired mugs, and comfort drinks, such as hot chocolate, pumpkin spiced lattes and apple cider.

Do you have other ideas to make the outdoors extra special this fall? Share with us your thoughts!

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