How to Create a Sustainable and Cozy Den this season

As the temperature starts to drop this month, you may be ready for a cozier look for the home. Yet, when it comes to buying eco-friendly home textiles, it may not be as intuitive as you think. For instance, buying a bath towel made from 100% organic cotton may sound like the sustainable option, however cotton is a crop that requires a lot of water compared to hemp and flax crops. This is not even considering the dye used, which often guzzles a large amount of water during the production process.

Textile production, or the conversion of fibre into yarn and yarn into fabric, consumes a lot of waste, from the high water and energy use to the amount of fabrics that are thrown out each year. We need to understand the end-to-end process of home textile production to truly live sustainably. Yet, this can be overwhelming with the amount of noise buzzing around the Internet.

Fortunately, many designers are taking sustainable design into consideration. More and more, they are using recycled fibers, which can greatly decrease the energy required in production and give new life to textiles.

At On Nature, we have hand selected five brands that use sustainable practices to make your winter redecoration process easier.


Bambeco’s products meet strict guidelines for sustainability in every way. Materials used in the manufacturing of products are all sustainably obtained and organically grown, recycled, recyclable, reclaimed, repurposed, natural, and non-toxic. Their manufacturing processes use clean, renewable energy, recycle materials, and utilize water reclamation whenever possible.

Viva Terra 

Viva Terra is dedicated to inspiring your home and garden with beautifully crafted, eco-friendly décor from around the world. Their merchants travel far and wide to bring you products that are not only charming and unique, but are also representative of our commitment to socially and environmentally conscious practices and materials.


Giving new life to old items is naturally good for the environment, creating a new “closed loop” supply chain. Yet, finding those chic accents for your home can take hours of scouring flea markets. Chairish makes that process easy by providing a curated selection of home goods, vintage furniture, and décor under one roof.


Coyuchi is committed to sustainability, minimally processed (pure) fibers, and great design. Browse around their vast selection of deluxe bedding made with natural fibers free of dyes and bleaches. Their fabrics are sustainable, and some of the softest you can get your hands on.


Working closely with ethical suppliers in India, Vietnam, and Thailand, Myakka specializes in fair-trade, handmade wood collections. To insulate your home this winter, they also sell an array of stylish rugs.

We would love to see your new cozy den! Snap a photo and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #onnature

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