Top 8 Green Gifts for the Holidays

Want to give gifts that your friends and family will love while still protecting the environment? Eco-friendly gifts encourage your loved ones to be more environmentally friendly, and make for thoughtful gifts. Check out these ideas to inspire a festive, green holiday!

  1. Gifts that protect our planet’s animals

World Wildlife Fund and the Nature Conservancy offer an array of eco-friendly gifts from apparel and stuffed animals to adoption cards. All gifts support their conservation efforts.

  1. Experience Gifts

We are more likely to remember experiences than the material things. Give your loved ones a special event to remember with tickets for wine tasting, art classes, Broadway tickets, or whatever they have been dying to try.

  1. DIY Gifts

Turn your leftover craft scraps into beautiful works of art. Old yarn can be stylized into bohemian jewellery with beads and charms by weaving in thin wire. Dry foods, paints and magazine pages can become a fun mixed media collage. Let your imagination run wild!

  1. Yummy Gifts

Make your own jams, preserves or syrups. This Christmas Jam is especially delicious, stirring up dreams of magical holiday traditions. Top off the Mason jar with a piece of funky fabric, and tie it with a holiday ribbon.

  1. Literally Green Gifts

Give an herb or tree planting kit with hand-made, stylishly designed instructions. Sprinkle the package with specks of moss agate, moonstone, green calcite, malachite, or clear quartz for an extra green boost.

  1. Gifts that get you out and about

Does your loved one live near a river, ocean, lake or mountain? Choose a convenient outdoor activity, such as rafting, sailing, SUP yoga, snowboarding, or surfing, to get them inspired by nature.

  1. Gifts for Fashionistas

Find a one of a kind, handmade item from artisans on Etsy. You are sure to find a unique piece that brightens up their wardrobe.

  1. Handmade Cosmetics for Beauty Buffs

Looking for stocking stuffers? Make your own lip balm from beeswax, coconut oil, honey, vitamin E, and essential oils, or soap made from herbs.

Share with us your Green Gifts this season! We would love to see your creations!


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