Top Eco Paints to Color your World

It’s amazing what a fresh layer of paint can do to revamp your home. Your home seems instantly transformed from worn-out to sparkling new, without even breaking the bank. However, you may want to think twice before redecorating. 

According to an article in the DailyMail, paints used in the home contain potentially harmful chemicals such as solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). ‘When the paint dries, these chemicals evaporate into the air where the hapless decorator can inhale their toxic fumes,’ explains Dr Deacon. Studies have shown that inhaling paint fumes can exacerbate asthma and sinusitis, and cause headaches and dizziness. For painters or those exposed to these fumes for extended periods of time, there is a 20 per cent increased risk of a range of cancers, particularly lung cancer, according to the World Health Organisation. 

Still, you don’t have to sacrifice that home makeover you’ve been dreaming about. Natural paint such as eco paint, which is solvent, VOC-free and odourless, don’t give off toxic fumes. Make sure to clean your brushes with water, not white spirit or turpentine, which is also a solvent. And of course, always make sure that the room you are decorating is well ventilated by opening all the windows.

To make your home makeover a bit more manageable, we selected our favorite eco brands with a wide selection of stylish, eco-friendly paints.


Earthborn carefully selects ingredients and uses technologically advanced manufacturing processes and formulations to create outstanding paints. They believe that it is not only what goes into a paint, but also what comes out of it that matters.


Discover the beauty of limewash paints made from natural materials, including clay, minerals, and beautiful natural pigments. You won’t find any VOC paints made from plastics here!


Algo paints are good for the environment and your health. Their paints, made from seaweed, are free from harmful fumes and solvents.    

ECOS Paints

These award winning organic paint and stains, are designed specifically for people who can’t tolerate fumes due to chemical sensitivities. Each product comes with VOC test data and a complete list of ingredients so you can make an informed and environmentally responsible decision.

Lakeland Paints

These paints are so safe that your baby can eat it! No only are they durable and vibrant, Lakeland paints have zero VOC, zero Solvent, and zero heavy metals.


Share with us your eco painting experiences in the comments section and make sure to share photos of your new and improved rooms by tagging #onnaturepaints



“Will doing up the front room make you ill?” by the DailyMail



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