Cork — the renewable and sustainable material that is often overlooked

With eco-everything on trend, there have been dozens of revolutionary inventions to waste less water and energy. In recent years we have seen the waterless washing machine, the nano garden, the steam dishwasher, and more. It’s truly inspiring!

However, some eco-friendly materials have always been right under our noses. Take cork for example. You probably know cork as the material to keep your wine fresh and delicious. However, cork is a renewable sustainable resource with many other uses.

Coming from the Cork Oak tree, cork can be used for flooring tiles, home insulation, craft materials, soil conditioner, yoga mats, and sports equipment. Instead of throwing out your old corks, you can recycle them or reuse them around the house. Not sure how to reuse those old corks? We have a few ideas below:

Cleaning Knives
Use a bit of cleanser and a cork instead of an abrasive cleaning pad to clean your knives

Knife Holder
Keep your knives sharp by storing them blade-down in the corks. You can do this by gluing a bunch of corks together, and making slits on top.

Use cork around the walls of your home to add a touch of nature. Although it can take a lot of bottles of wine and labor, the final result makes it worth it.

Save your Floors
Is your furniture scratching up your beautiful floors? Cork may be the solution. Slice the cork into small disks and attach them to the bottom of furniture.

Garden Material
Keep your garden green and moist with grounded cork.

Bathroom products
Did you know that cork is also waterproof? Therefore it makes great washbasins, bath mats, and other bathroom products.

Not enough time for DIY cork projects? You can still use cork in your home, and make a positive impact on the environment. There are numerous companies that are now using cork to make eco-friendly décor for the home. Our favorites are below:

Based in Portugal, you can find all sorts of high quality products from tableware and kitchenware to toys and wine accessories.

Mind the Cork
With gorgeously crafted interior and lifestyle accessories, Mind the Cork combines bold and original design with fairtrade sustainable materials to create contemporary luxury with an environmental and social conscience.

This is a great brand if your looking to install flooring and walls made from cork.

Belcolor Flooring
Another great brand for durable and easy to clean cork floors.

What is your favorite eco-friendly material? Share with us in the comments.



Cork : A Sustainable, Eco-friendly, Innovative Material for the Home by Stacey Sheppard

Green Home of the Future: 12 Revolutionary Inventions by Web Ecoist

25 Things to Do With Used Corks by Nora Dunn



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