4 Eco Steps to lighten up your home this spring

After a long winter, the sun is finally peaking out and the flowers are in bloom. With a boost in your energy levels, now is the perfect time to freshen up your home.

To lighten up your space for spring, follow these four eco-friendly steps:

Step 1 – Simplify

Now is the time to go through all that junk building up over the past months. What do you really need? Will you ever wear that Halloween costume from five years ago again? Take an inventory of your things, and create a pile of junk to recycle, repurpose into something useful, or donate.

The same goes for your garden. Take advantage of the sunshine, and remove any early appearing weeds in your yard or on your balcony.

Step 2 – Spring cleaning

Now that you’ve created space in your home, get ready to add a little sparkle and shine.

Your first instinct may be to go to the store and buy the first cleaning products that catch your eye. But before stepping foot in a store, consider cleaning with all-natural ingredients that you already have around your home:
Vinegar: a true miracle worker! In addition to removing mold naturally, it’s great to clean glass and mirrors, dishes, and even the floor.
Baking soda: in addition to mold removal, baking soda is a miraculous addition to dish soap, and keeps carpets fresh.
Lemon: polish any stainless steel or chrome in your kitchen with lemon and a bit of baking soda to keep it shiny and sparkling.

However there is only so much you can do with vinegar, baking soda and lemon. After you’ve taken stock of what you currently own, buy the rest of your cleaning products at the store using the three tips below:

Make sure the cleaning products do not contain the following toxic ingredients:
Ammonium chloride: found in toilet bowl cleaners or deodorizers
Aliphatic petroleum solvent: found in carpet cleaners
Crystalline silica: found in many popular cleaners
Tripropylene glycol monomethyl ether: found in floor cleaners, waxes and polishes

Avoid tools that are disposable, such as mop heads and paper towels. Instead opt for ones that you can wash and reuse, such as old t-shirts cut into large squares.

And of course opt for all natural cleaning products whenever possible. Check out our favorite brands below. They all offer affordable, powerful cleaning products that won’t harm the planet or the people on it.

Step 3 – Storage

The sun is shining, the flowers are in full bloom, and your ready to come out of hibernation. The thing is…. so is every other creepy crawly critter. Make sure all food is properly stored using sustainable packaging. Check out Vegware for some great options.

Step 4 – Add a touch of spring

All the hard work is out of the way. Now you can add that finishing touch to your home. Here are a few ideas to bring the essence of spring into your space:

  • Plant a native garden in an array of colours and fragrances to attract butterflies and birds. Make sure to choose plants that are compatible with your soil.
  • Take a walk outdoors, and collect some beautiful spring flowers, leaves, rocks, or twigs. Place them on a round decorative platter, as a centrepiece for your coffee table.
  • Instead of using toxic air fresheners from the store, create your own. Just add chunks of your favorite fruit and a handful of whole spices to simmering water and enjoy the aroma all day long.

Share pictures of your spring infused home using the hashtag #onnature.



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Photo by PeopleImages


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