Our Story

What we now understand as eco-living is a modern world development. The countless examples of damaging our environment for short-term gains have provided us with a wake up call. More and more, people are looking to make sustainable lifestyle choices in harmony with the natural world.

The rise in sustainable living has only strengthened in response to the pressure of the Technology Age. People are looking for a natural oasis, free from the hypnotic media haze, where eco-living is not compromised by luxury design.

About Me

My own passion for interior design arose out of my upbringing in Poland, where my family ran a company, providing building materials for construction and furniture companies. For 20 years I was exposed to all varieties of building materials from cement, wall materials and insulation systems to roofing, cobblestones, and ceramic tiles. Under that roof my passion for modern design was ignited.

At the ripe age of 20, my desire for a new experience led me to Switzerland. For the past 13 years I have experienced first hand Switzerland’s high quality standards. Everything from cheese and chocolate to watches are made with attention to the finest of details. The Swiss are notorious for creating eco-friendly cities, and prioritizing the environment over anything else out of their deep respect for nature. My own passion for specialty, eco-friendly designs arose out of that experience.

Through my work in the luxury industry, I’ve become more attuned to luxury aesthetics. Yet, as a typical time deprived modern woman, I found there wasn’t an easy solution to finding both luxury and sustainable designs. It takes time to understand the technicalities of creating a truly eco-friendly space. I craved an online platform that made it easy for me to find a broad spectrum of artisans with a passion for sustainable living. More so, I was looking for inspiration to put my own personal flair on luxury décor. With that, ON Nature was born.