Top 8 Green Gifts for the Holidays

Want to give gifts that your friends and family will love while still protecting the environment? Check out these ideas to inspire a festive, green holiday!

How to Create a Sustainable and Cozy Den this season

As the temperature starts to drop this month, you may be ready for a cozier look for the home. Yet, when it comes to buying eco-friendly home textiles, it may not be as intuitive as you think. For instance, buying a bath towel made from 100% organic cotton may sound like the sustainable option, however cotton…

Create an outdoor eco-oasis this fall

While you may be missing those hot summer days, we assure you that fall is the best time for outdoor entertaining. There’s no sweating, dodging mosquitos, or bug infestations — just a beautiful array of warm colored leaves and crisp air. Take advantage of the beautiful scenery by transforming your backyard into an outdoor eco-oasis….